How to Handle Drug Addiction at the Work Places

By | June 6, 2011

Some employers are testing their employees for drugs as they want to keep the working environment free from drugs and to prevent any type of accident that may occur at the workplace. Many employers feel it is necessary to test the employees before hiring them. Organizations want to conduct these drug test which operates in the industries dealing with heavy machinery such as forklift drivers, assembly workers and even drivers in order to prevent any accidents at the work place.

Following are the tips for controlling the use of drugs by the employees at the work place:

  • If your company has a drug testing policy then it is better to verify whether the employee is using drugs at the office.
  • Also explain the employees about the negative effects of use of drugs on him and also on the others at the work place.
  • If you find an employee who is abusing drugs, it is better to bring in professional intervention counselor to treat the worker.
  • By performing drug test and counseling you can protect your legal rights as an employer and also ensure that the worker understands the seriousness of drug addiction at the work place.
  • If any employee is abusing drugs let him go to a rehabilitation or detoxification program for the treatment and also give him assurance that he will be given an opportunity to join in the job after undergoing the treatment.
  • Provide all employees with written copies, of your company’s drug and alcohol policies and also conduct random drug testing regularly. This may warn the other workers from abusing drugs.

By following the above points, the employers can prevent the drug abuse at workplaces.