Building Management System is Important for HVAC Maintenance

By | October 19, 2011

In the past, the management of HVAC required more human resources in order to maintain it or even perform Log Sheet recording. The most efficient way of Log Sheet recording needs to deliberately record all information such as chiller data, inside-outside building temperature, water temperature, control inside and outside buildings. The reasons why we need to keep record deliberately in minutely, hourly, monthly or yearly are to analyze and improve the efficiency. In In the maintenance of HVAC systems, HVAC system log sheet and data history are necessary, as they are helpful in analyzing and solving the problem.

The idea to resolve the difficulty of HVAC system is to manage things centrally through “Centralized Management”. This concept used the idea that central tool control devices automatically approach every system information and view equipment performance. It is also called as “Building Management System.”

With the help of BAS, every equipment and part will be controlled and managed automatically. It also helps in collecting the information which should be analyzed further.

Advantages of building management system to HVAC

  • comfortable temperature
  • easy management and centralized management
  • good indoor air quality
  • control humidity
  • high-quality building maintenance
  • responsive building management
  • effective noise control
  • reduce human errors

Due to the above said features, BAS improves the overall efficiency of the HVAC system.