Make Your Own Halloween Crafts with Glow Sticks

By | October 24, 2011

Special crafts can be designed on your own to enhance the enjoyment of Halloweens. The striking effect for these crafts can be amplified by the use of elegant lighting novelties, glow sticks. They are so inexpensive that you can purchase glow sticks in bulk and make use of complementing your Halloween crafts.

Glowing ghosts are the most prominent crafts that are prepared during Halloweens. It is so simple to make them on your own even by using glow sticks. Simply take a white or any light colored balloon and insert a snapped glow stick into it. Then just blow the balloon and mark the features of a ghost on it to make it look like a ghost. Arrange the balloon and certain white clothes in such a perfect way and hang them over the branches of a tree to bring special Halloween fun. You can even place them anywhere in your home. Even jack o’ lanterns and pumpkins which are made of glow sticks bring an excellent scary appeal to your Halloween decorations. It is more interesting to make use of orange colored glow sticks to match the theme of the occasion.

Some hand printed spiders can be prepared and hanged over at the desired place in your home. They can be more spooky with the accent of a glow. Take a simple foam ball to serve as the body of a spider. Arrange glow sticks on the ball as legs of a spider. Just activate the glow sticks by a single snap and fix them onto the foam ball so that they go deep into the ball for about an inch. Arrange elegant threads and hang the glowing spiders along the wall or any other place. Any of these home made Halloween crafts can be made with glow sticks and it is ensured that they provide the scary glow effect for as long as eight to 10 hours. Be creative and even implement your own ideas to upgrade the horrendous Halloween crafts.