Advertising on the Internet – All you need to know

By | November 15, 2011

Ad servers for publishersInternet advertising refers to a form of promoting a brand with the use of internet on the World Wide Web by delivering marketing messages to attract customers. Few examples are contextual ads on search engine results page, banner ads, rich media ads, and blogs, advertising through social networks, e-mail spam etc. Most of these types of ads are delivered by an ad server which places the advertisements intended for online marketing on the web sites with the help of technology and services. Internet has become an emerging source and tends to expand. This media has attracted many advertisers’ as a productive source to increase their customers.

Ad serverMany people browse the internet to get their desired products and customers have the ability to get the information regarding any product just by few clicks on the advertisements in a website. E – mail spam is a method of email marketing where there are direct mail services that can have access to thousands of email addresses and these services send the information about their products and services to a number of email addresses who check their inbox daily. Internet advertising may sometimes affect the privacy and anonymity of users because advertising companies track the details of the users.