Various Causes of Gum Inflammation

By | November 21, 2011

Oral health care is very much essential without which aesthetics and even health of teeth and mouth gets affected. One of the various dental health issues is gum inflammation which is often the result of bad oral health practices.

Gum inflammation is a condition where the gums become red and swollen. This may be because of many reasons. However, poor oral hygiene is the main factor promoting various oral health issues that finally lead to gum inflammation and gum diseases. With improper oral hygiene such as improper brushing or flossing, bacterial plaque accumulates on the teeth. If it is not removed after three days, it forms a tartar and gets deposited. With a continuous ineffective brushing and flossing, the tartar deposition increases and finally affects the gums. The gums become irritated and inflamed.

Two different types of gum diseases called gingivitis and periodontitis are the major conditions which include gum inflammation. As said earlier, poor oral hygiene results in plaque formation which leads to gingivitis. The gums appear red and swollen. It causes difficulty in chewing and eating. Sometimes, bleeding may also be associated after brushing. Negligence or ineffective treatment of gingivitis causes periodontitis which is a condition that associates with inflammation of tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. Certain factors like tobacco and alcohol consumption may rise the chances of gingivitis in some individuals. Even people with diabetes are considered to suffer from gum inflammation. Hence, there are many causes of gum inflammation, but a right oral hygiene ensures prevention of this problem.