How to Travel With Your Pets by Car?

By | November 8, 2011

Pet lovers do not wish to leave their animal alone at home when going for a vacation or a long drive. When taking your pet along with you by a car, you need to ensure certain things to make your travel safe without any worries with the pet.

Ensure to use pet carriers. Allow the pet to set in the carrier and place it in or under the car’s seat. Make them learn to sit quietly, keeping their heads inside and do not annoy the driver or other passengers. Be sure that proper ventilation is maintained in the car. When placing the pet in a crate or a carrier, it is to be made sure that the fresh air can flow into the crate. When you stop overnight, find a motel that allows your pet to spend the night.

Specific pet requirements such as its food, dishes, water, treats, favorite toys, comb or brush, blanket and so on are to be kept in your car without fail. Also keep certain first aid supplies to handle any emergencies. Do not allow the pet to keep its face out of the window as it irritates the pet’s eyes and also may cause injuries.

When loading or unloading the pet from your car, hold its leash in your hand firmly. Remember to keep an identity tag on the pet in case the pet manages to escape. Include the pet’s name, your name and contact address on the tag. Never allow your pet to ride in the front seat as it may be thrown to the windshield when you stop suddenly. Also, it may disturb the driver or fall down on the brake pedals, disturbing the driver. Many accidents are considered to happen because of this which should be avoided. Got an idea on how to travel with your pets by car? Then, go on and have a happy long drive bringing fun for yourself and the pet as well.