Things You Need to Avoid with a Garden Arbor

By | December 4, 2011

Miniature plantsA garden arbor is an accessory feature which enhances the landscape area. It not only acts as a focal point but also has certain function. When placed along the side of a patio, it provides a patch of shade to the area. You can also grow vines along the garden arbor to make it look more pretty. However, you need to consider certain things to be avoided with a garden arbor.

More often home owners install a garden arbor and neglect it for the rest of the period. However, simply erecting an arbor does not maintain the landscape beauty. Its appearance should be made beautiful, fresh and attractive with proper maintenance. Apply fresh paint regularly to provide proper finish to your garden arbor. It is known that an arbor should be selected based on the area of your garden. A proper outline of the garden should be made when planning a design of the arbor. Its size should be appropriate with the size of the garden. A larger arbor takes away the total garden and even it looks out of place.miniature trees

Another common issue with garden arbors is the anchor security of side posts. If an arbor is just placed on the ground, it is often exposed to heavy wind conditions and may topple. Therefore, the arbor posts should be properly secured in the ground with concrete or cement. You can even opt for an arbor kit or make it on your own. However, designing the garden arbor should be done properly. If necessary, take help from any professional to make your arbor and avoid any uncomfortable consequences.