Things you should Look for in the Staff of Nurseries

By | December 23, 2011

In order to provide the efficient care for children, it is better to join your kids in a nursery. Babies as young as three months and kids who are even school-goers are taken care in a nursery. But, it is necessary to look for a reliable nursery to ensure the safety of your kids. The care given to the kids depends on the staff of the nursery. Hence, you should consider the staff when looking for a good nursery for your kids.

Once you go to a nursery, communicate with the staff members about the facilities and other issues. You also have to discuss the needs of your kids. Good staff members ask you about the sleep, feeding, discipline and other care issues of your child. They also wish to get the details of the child’s health. When you find such staff members, there is no need for you to worry about the childcare.

Ensure that there are enough staff members in the nursery. This is because, it is only possible to provide one-to-one care and attention to kids when there are required number of staff. Through many researches it has been found that, the child to staff ratio for children under two years of age should be 3:1. This means that one caregiver looks after three kids who are aged below two. Similarly, the child to staff ratio should be 4:1 for kids between two and three years of age and 8:1 for kids aged between three and five.

Do not focus only on the number of staff. Check if they are qualified and experienced. Make sure that half of the staff members have childcare qualification. As you know, the staff functions better if they are valued by the employers. Check the benefits that the management of nursery provides the child caregivers. Also, find if the nursery is providing any training for its staff. Looking for these things in staff is essential. Do not hesitate to ask the staff regarding these issues apart from finding the facilities of the nursery.