What are the Important Things to Consider to Reduce the Web Page Load Time?

By | January 18, 2012

Internet facilities have been changing the business strategies. Websites are the important tools for doing business worldwide. All websites are not getting same user response since website’s performance is based on its result showing time.

The websites which take less time while showing results or the websites which take less web page loading time are said to be performing well.

Consider some important things for reducing the web page load time:

Website monitoring: It is the primary and important thing for reducing the loading time. When you are using monitoring services for your website, it increases the website performance by lowering the web page download time. Monitoring programs are important for doing the research on website performance and they generate the information about the required things of a website. Monitoring programs are helpful at preventing data errors in the website.

Image resolution: On the internet, the image resolutions in the website should not be high, the optimal resolution of the images are 72dpi. If the resolutions of the images are low, then the web pages take less time to open.

Always use the proper image format and size: Remember website includes more number of images, these images take longer time for uploading, hence you need to take care of the image formats and its size. Image format and size are also the factors which reduce the web page downloading time.

Consider these things to develop your website with less web page downloading time facilities.