Dos and Don’t While Attending an Interview

By | February 9, 2012

Many people are not aware of the things which are not accepted during an interview. Their concentration is much on the technical rounds of the interview and they come well prepared for the things which they think are essential to the interview. However, they often ignore the things which are most important in the recruiters point of view. They are quite important than all the skills which you possess. Let us see what are accepted and appreciated and also the things which are not accepted particularly at the time of interview.

Things which are expected from an interviewee:

  • Reaching the company, prior to the mentioned time always shows the sense of punctuality and the interest towards the job.
  • Presenting yourself in a formal attire is especially important. It shows your way of living and the seriousness towards the job. Give much importance to cleanliness and perfection in our attire.
  • Try to face every other person with a smiling face and treat them with respect and courtesy.
  • Once you enter the interview room wish the person and if there are many lady persons in the panel try to wish them first and then the male members.
  • Try to be polite and confident about your answers and maintain eye contact with the person who speaks to you or to whom you are speaking.
  • Listening is the core quality which enables you to answer exactly to the questions with out any misunderstanding. Listen carefully and the moment you feel that their question is complete take a moment and try to give a prompt answer.
  • Be honest in what you are saying that makes you feel much better and comfortable while answering with out any fumbling and mistakes.
  • Once you are done with your interview try to thank the people or the person who is in the panel and leave the room in a pleasant manner.

Things which are not allowed:

  • Late comings, trying to find explanations, improper attire are not acceptable.
  • Talking in a more casual way makes you dig your own grave.
  • Never blame your previous organization or don’t try to explain your bad experiences with the interviewer.
  • Never lie unless you strongly prepare your mind for saying so. Some of your eye gestures and the body movements tell the interviewer that you are lying.
  • Carrying cell phones, laptops, tablets and so on should be avoided completely. As they are not accepted during the interview process.
  • Also don’t attend the interview venues with your friends or relatives or any other persons which directly shows your dependent nature for little things.

Keep this things in mind while attending interview which support and increase your chances of getting selected.