What is a Vitamin Pill And How Vitamin Pills are Made?

By | March 31, 2012

Vitamins are essential nutrient substances that are required for our body in very smaller amounts for normal growth, metabolism, functioning, developing and physical well-being otherwise there may be a chance of diseases. A, B, C, D, E and K are the vitamins which are needed daily for our body and these can be obtained from many food sources. Whereas Vitamin D is obtained from sun.

Vitamins are in the form of two states. One is liquid form and the other is solid form. Solid form of vitamin can be said as vitamin pills. These pills are in the form of capsule or tablet which goes inside the stomach and then breaks down for further process but it is difficult to intake by the persons those who have mouth and stomach problems because this process contains breakdown of tablet in the stomach producing free radicals. Vitamin pills are very good because it is absorbed in the small intestine and stored for longer time.

Vitamin pills are made by collecting raw materials from the manufacturers which are needed for the required vitamin and then makes into a fine powder with the help of miller. This powder is taken for inspection in the laboratory whether it is consistently mixed with all other ingredients are not. Then it is taken to a tablet making machine. With the use of tablet making machine, vitamin pills are made in the required form and they are ejected from the machine.

After completion of making tablets they are coated with a pleasant color for fine swallowing and taste so that it finely dissolve into the stomach. After coating is done, then it is sent to the packaging process where they correctly packs the amount of tablets and wrapping is done.