Monitoring Web Traffic to Track Visitors on Website

By | July 18, 2012

Building a website is not enough. There is a need to track the visitors of your site and also know what they do, when they are on the site. This is essential as it determines traffic and also determines which part or pages of the site are popular.

Ad servers for publishersIt is important to monitor the website visitors, how long they stay and what pages they view, from where they come to your site, etc. When monitoring the Web traffic some things can be determined. Such as:

  • The number of visitors on the website.
  • Average number of page views by each visitor.
  • Average duration of the users visit. If the visitor likes the website probably more time would be spent by the visitor.
  • Average duration of a page. This determines how much time the page is viewed by the visitor.

The traffic seen on the website measures its popularity. By analyzing the visitors’ statistics, the shortcomings of the website can be determined and can be found the areas that are to be improved. The websites can also increase traffic through search engine optimization. You can monitor the web traffic using various tools which provide traffic analysis.