Information About the Distance Control Assist

By | August 28, 2012

This system is usually designed for use in stop and go traffic, but it can have wider applications. It assists in distant control management. This system is similar to the collision warning system but it works better by keeping with the idea of ‘active accident prevention verses passive reaction’. It can be determined by the following distance of the driver and the relative speed of both the cars by using a radar sensor which is installed in the front bumper. If the driver does not use/presses the gas pedal, then the system automatically applies the brakes. Also, if the system recognizes that braking is required, the driver will see the lights and hears the sound. Then automatically, the gas pedal moves upward to assist the driver in switching to the brakes.

When the system works?

The system functions is cases like – where the distance between the host car and the lead car decreases, and when the system determines that the driver must apply the brakes.

The main actions performed by this system are – decrease in shortened “Time to collision” situation, alleviation of the driver’s declaration workload, and also decrease in instances of declaration during the following of lead car with system enabled.

By using this we have to confirm that the driver work load is alleviated in variety of road conditions. This system utilizes the deceleration control and accelerator pedal push back force functions to assist in driver’s distance control management.