How Insurance CRM Software is Useful for Insurers?

By | November 5, 2012

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is playing a major role in insurance industry. It helps in providing tools designed to help insurance providers for meeting their business needs, increasing insurance sales and retaining their customers. Mostly, the standard CRM is featured with sales force management, direct dialing and marketing management. In addition to that, insurance CRM software offers more benefits for retaining customers.

Benefits of using insurance CRM software

  • Insurance CRM software is designed to automate entire insurance work flow.
  • It helps in analyzing customers and identifies their needs.
  • The customer can access the insurance provider any time any day.
  • It reduces or eliminates data entry and saves insurance agent’s time. It does not rely on paper-based applications or re-enter the data.
  • Insurance CRM software manages policy data including policy type, policy price, and payment status.
  • As all information is stored in a single server database, an insurer can develop reports on insurance sales, growth of company, create customer reports as well.
  • It can also create reports on multiple insurance agents’ activities and their sales and thus determine their performance.
  • Tools like phone call tracking, instant reporting, lead tracking, commission calculations, and administrative capabilities are provided in this software.
  • It can integrate with accounting and other software that are already in use.
  • It helps in tracking the best referral partner.

Thus, insurance CRM software helps you in automating operations like reporting, policy tracking, marketing and sales process. It helps your insurance agent to focus more on customer service and business growth rather than data entry. There are many application software companies providing insurance CRM software tailored with your business needs. Get software that enables to retain customers rather than generating new customers.