Benefits of Using Open Source Software

By | August 30, 2013

Open source software is a computer software available in the source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under an open-source license that gives permissions to users to study, change and improve. It offers significant benefits when compared to typical commercial products. It is very often developed in public, collaborative manner. These open-source software’s can be used for various functions in an organization. However, it is the most viable means for those who want to develop high-website performance without bearing high-cost that a professional will charge.

Following are some benefits of open source software:

Low cost: You don’t have to pay license fees for an open source software such that it reduces your annual license fees. The only thing you need to spend towards the support for your software that ensure reliability and reduces running costs by almost 80%.

Software control: It gives you the power to control your software code. You have the right to modify the code to meet your business requirements and control the budgets. You can even control the upgrade process and can choose to decide which bugs to fix and when.

Redistribution of modified software: You can modify the source and can re-distribute to large communities by sharing. This attracts a crowd of developers to work around open source software projects.

Support hardware: The software does not take much effort to download. Moreover, they are compressed and easily portable.

Less restrictions: In using commercial software, you have number of restrictions to follow where as you do not have that restrictions when using open software.

Free support of online: If you encounter any problem in implementing then don’t worry you can get advice and assistance from number of online communities.

For the above reasons, open source software’s have become more popular in IT industry.