All You Need to Know About Web Banner Advertising

By | September 28, 2013

Ad server for ad networksWeb banner advertising is an important online promotional tool that is used to get more traffic to a website. Here you need to place your ad in other successful sites that is already having a regular flow of customers. By placing your ads in such sites you will get noticed and have a good number of visitors to your site which are likely to covert into sales/leads.

Generally these campaigns are done in various online platforms like websites and other online mediums. In order to carryout successful campaign, you need to outsource this service to a professional online advertising company. Because they have the knowledge and know where and how to place your ads.

ad servingHow web banner ad works?
Generally web banner ads are given by advertisers who want customers coming to their site. For that, first you need to design an advertisement either in text, image or animation and you can also include sound to it. Then you need to create a hyper link to the desired site. When a visitor clicks your ad, they will be directed to your site. In this way, you will get a new customer to your site.

Different ways of advertising your web banner ad:

  • Pay Per Impression (PPM): Here advertiser charges you based on the number of impressions by the visitors.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): Publisher sells space to place your banner ad in their website based on cost per click.
  • Cost Per Sale: Here advertisers finds different ways to calculate how much sales has happened on the investment.

ad serving costBenefits of web banner advertising:

  • Cost-effective: Promoting your product through web banner advertising is cost effective. You need to pay only few dollars in a month and get your ads published in different websites.
  • Drives traffic to your website: When visitors finds your banner ads on the sites where they spend most of their time, they are likely to click on your ad and they are directed to your site. In this way, your site gets more traffic.
  • Get new customers: Your banner ad introduces your message right in-front of the new customers. They might be looking for the same product you are offering. And they may turn to your site to find more about you.
  • Increases brand awareness: As you published in different sources, your ad will be noticed by a great number of customers.
  • Increases your website’s link popularity: You will publish your ad with a hyper link in different websites. And your link is viewed by many visitors, in this way your site will be popular.