Tips on Maintaining Your Car

By | November 27, 2013

Maintaining your car in a good condition will help you in keeping it safe, driving it for long time and can be sold in a better price. In this article, we will discuss some common tips for maintaining your car that will help in increasing the life of the same.

Tips on maintaining your Car
Following are some tips for maintaining your car in a good condition:

1) Drive with care
Driving with great care will help your car away from breakdowns and repairs. Keep in mind

  • Never speed your car during start. While doing so, you can avoid engine from wearing off.
  • When you begin to drive, accelerate slowly. The most wear to engine happens in first few minutes of operation.
  • Shift your transmission to neutral when your car is stopped at signal. This will put less strain on the engine.
  • Driving in speed and quick acceleration should be avoided especially in extreme weather conditions, as this will result in frequent repairs.
  • Sudden starts, stops and turns should be avoided in order to extend the life of the tires. Look out for objects and potholes on the road.
  • Care should be taken when turning your steering wheel, do not hold it in left or right position for more than few seconds.

2) During break-in period, be patient
You have purchased your dream car and now if you want it to last long, following are some things you should remember as soon as you pull the car out of the showroom:

  • For first 1000 miles, keep your speed below 55mph or the speed that your car manufacturer recommends.
  • Do not let your car be idle for long period especially in break-in period. By doing so, pressure of the oil generated may not send oil to every part of the engine.
  • Light to medium acceleration should be used, thus keeping mph of the engine below 3000 for first few days of driving.

3) Buy Gas from reputed gas station
It is better idea for asking whether the gas you are buying is filtered at pump or not and whether the station changes pump filters regularly. Many gas stations do not have filters, thus pouring impure gasoline.

4) Always park in shade
Always try to park your car in shade. Garage is an ideal place for parking your car. If you do not find place in the garage or under the tree, a car shade should be used for minimizing the impact of the sun’s rays. This can also help you in stepping in to a cooler car in hot summer days.

5) Choosing a good car insurer
However careful you are, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Make sure that you find a good car insurer so that your car can be repaired in a best possible manner in case of accidents. A good car insurer will pay for the original parts of the car from its manufacturer.

6) Changing oil regularly
Go to mechanic ask him how to check oil. Get the oil changed every 3000-3500 miles. Generally it is best to use the oil for not more than 5000 miles in order to maximize or increase the reliability of the engine.