Vintage Style Decorating Tips

By | November 7, 2013

To create a right atmosphere is something that makes everyone strives in decorating your home. If right aesthetic is applied in your home décor, you will succeed in creating great feeling of personality and comfort. In recent years, many people prefer vintage look, which is making the world of interior designing more demanding.

Tips for decorating your home in Vintage style

Following are some tips for that will help you in decorating your home with vintage style:

  • Choosing a right era that suits your taste: The first step in designing your home successfully is to choose the right era according to your taste. Make yourself aware of the designs and looks you might be finding in choosing your era and do carefully plan what will fit in this design. Do not try to mix different styles with different era, as this can make it look wrong and messy especially if they are not placed with the designs of the same period.
  • Perfect your wall designs: The walls in your home are the key for making designs successful, thus creating vintage feeling throughout your home is an important element. Two of the most popular techniques are as follows :
  • Bare walls: In vintage decoration, this is one of the most popular techniques that expose the natural material of the wall. Try to reveal natural brick of the wall to create an evoke the vintage feel, or you can even reveal wooden feature of the wall for implying a rustic atmosphere.
  • Wall paper: Once the wall paper was considered must as a finish for wall, but it soon began to look outdated. Still many people prefer wall papers that have antique designs for creating vintage feeling.
  • Try to add a fireplace: There is no better way of creating a vintage feel than installing a fireplace in your home. There are many interesting designs in modern gas fires that give the feel of vintage style. It can also act as an excellent center piece to any room.
  • Choosing furniture and accessories wisely: The furniture and accessories as if light fixtures and curtains can be the best way of adding final change when creating a vintage style. Vintage decorating style has a wonderful thing and that is opportunity for getting bargain. Go down to your garage and find the pieces that suits the era you adopted. When choosing these accessories, it is important for you to stick to the authentic items from the period or designs of your home could fall apart.

Moreover, if you are planning to give your room a unique center piece that gives a vintage feel, install a gas fire. They also come in modern style that provides your room or hall with stylish fireplace.