How Music Helps in Learning Language?

By | January 24, 2014

Music is a great entertainment. It helps in relaxing as well as focusing. Moreover, it has many positive effects on brain and elevates mood. Many people says that music has a power of healing, while some says that it helps in developing cognitive capacities of kids. But, did you ever knew that music helps you in learning new language. It helps your brain in processing new things easily, quickly and better. In this article, we will discuss how music helps in learning a new language.

Music helps in Stimulating Memory
Have you ever thought why songs gets stuck to your head for many days but not a sentence from a book or a magazine or a dialogue from a movie. The reason is that music stimulates memory like nothing else does. Did you remember that when you were kid you were taught kids song and tunes which helped you in remembering stuff. So music is a powerful tool in triggering memory. Listen to the songs written in the language you are learning. You will definitely notice an improvement soon.

Vocabulary is Increased by Singing and Learning Lyrics
Listen to a song in the language you are learning that will help in enriching your vocabulary very soon. You get to hear some words and also the word combination which you might not have heard in other circumstances.

Pronunciation is Improved by Singing a Song
Have you ever noticed that your accent is less noticeable when you sing a song than when speaking it? Yes, this is because, music rhythm makes articulating the words easier and helps in developing a proper pronunciation.

Comprehension of Language is Improved by Listening to Music
According to a famous writer, the first thing to figure out when learning a new language is where the words begin and end. Not only this is the first thing, but also a difficult task especially for the beginners. This can be made easier by adding pitch and melody to the speech. Thus, music makes words easy to understand and differentiate from one another.

Lastly, Music is fun
Music helps in boosting motivation and morale and makes a difficult task seem to be effortless.