Biggest Car break-down Hassles and How to Avoid Them

By | March 27, 2014

Imagine your car stopped in the middle of the road and you need to pull your car. Regular vehicle maintenance can help in avoiding such kind of situation. Other than accidents, there are many other common reasons for ending up stranded by the side of the road and in this article, we will discuss the same.

Battery Trouble
Generally, batteries last 3-5 years, but they can do so much shorter if you are driving at a high temperature or extreme cold. To avoid battery trouble, make sure that you have your battery checked at every service, especially when the battery is three years or older. The early warning signs are dim lights; interiors and headlights, power windows reacting more slowly than usual.

In case you lose car keys, you need to obtain and recover the lost keys from the dealer which may take several days. Remember, always keep an additional set of keys and store them in your house or office. This should be at the top of the priority list.

When planning to go for a trip, give the set of additional car keys to another member of your crew so that in case you miss your car keys and are unable to find, you can take from that member.

Engine trouble
Often engine trouble starts with a problem like a leaking coolant, broken hose that leads to engine getting heated. Regularly inspect belts and hoses and look for any cracks or peeling on belts or softening of the hoses.

To avoid and protect yourself from engine trouble, keep a track of your gas mileage every month. If you notice a drop in the mileage, it is likely the sign of engine trouble.

Brake trouble
See to it that you get your car break pads and rotors checked at least once or twice a year. Good condition brakes are very crucial for your safety. The brake fluid should be changed every 2-3 years according to the manufacturer’s manual. Brake trouble signs are squeaking or grinding noises when hitting the brake or the brake pedal that feels too soft.

Transmission problems
Spotting transmission problems in today’s cars have become trickier, especially the automatic transmission cars. But still if you a jerk or slipping when putting an automatic transmission in to gear, get it checked soon. Also make sure that during regular maintenance, your dealer is checking all kinds of fluid including brake fluids.

Flat tires
Tires that are worn down make it hard to stop, so inspect your car tires regularly. If you feel that your tires are OK, see to it that you keep them inflated. By timely inspection of your tires, you can boost your gas mileage.