Get to Know Solar Powered Cars

By | March 8, 2014

Due to huge pollutants emitting by running cars/vehicles using fossil fuels, there is concern to mitigate the evil effects. Automakers have become conscious and are looking for renewable energy run and eco friendly vehicles/cars to manufacture. In this article, we will discuss solar cars: how they work and the advantages.

How a solar panel works
A solar panels comprises photovoltaic cells (PVCs) arranged in a series. The PVCs are made up of semiconducting material silicon. The energy from sun is converted into electrical energy when sunshine falls on the solar panels.

How a solar powered car works
The battery in the car can charged in two ways

  • Direct charging
  • Indirect charging

Charging the battery through solar panels (direct charging)

  • In this type, the solar panels are arranged on the top of the car and side of the car/automobile.
  • The solar panels absorb sun energy and makes it pass through the photovoltaic cells.
  • When electrons pass through them electricity is produced because they are semi-conductors, and will convert the sun energy into electricity.
  • This electrical energy is used by the engine to move the vehicle.

Charging the battery through a solar plant kept at our house premisses (indirect charging)

  • In this type a solar plant is installed near by our houses premisses and battery is charged.
  • When you install solar panel on the top of the car, you need to have a separate system to convert the direct current (D. into alternating current (A.C).
  • Due to this the car weight would be more and the efficiency will fall.
  • To overcome this issue, indirect charging system is used.
  • By using the indirect charging system the battery can be charged at home and the car efficiency would be more compare to the direct battery charging system.
  • But when you go for a long drive you will face issue of car halting after the battery is over.

There are some issues with both the system the automakers are researching on this to develop more efficient system.

Advantages of solar powered cars

  • Solar powered cars are eco-friendly.
  • There is no issue of pollutants emitting.
  • No fuel is used except the sun energy.
  • The cost of maintenance is less

Solar powered cars are still a prototype module. The automakers are still researching on solar powered cars. We can see this type of cars in our nearby future.