Parental Alienation and Lawyers Help

By | September 2, 2014

What is parental alienation?
Parental alienation is a situation when a person is claiming the other person in the couple in front of the child in order to make the child to reject the claimed parent and if it continuously taking place then, this is called parental alienation.

Parental alienation will impact the child’s behavior towards the parent blamed by the their partner. This may also lead to a condition known as parental alienation syndrome (PAS).

Parental alienation syndrome (PAS)
If the child is influenced by the words of his/her parent against the other parent, there is a chance of rejecting the other parent. This is called parental alienation syndrome. If impact on the child is strong, he/she does not even like spend time with the parent.

The difference between parental alienation and the PAS is that the PAS the child is influenced badly by father/mother, which breaks the relation between the child and the father/mother. But many physiologists say PAS is not valid and not considered by most of the laws but. Some courts consider this issue and give a solution to it. However, as if you were a parent of the child, and if you want your child back to you then, you should take help of the lawyer.

Court or law dealing with parental alienation cases
Some experts say that there are three levels of parental alienation – mild, moderate and extreme. Therefore, based on the level of the alienation, the child is treated and motivated under the therapists care. Then, the child custody is changed from one parent to another parent. However, before this the court will help the child in getting the care and tries to evaluate the performance of the child with the help of expert therapist.

After that, the child custody is changed and helps in building up the relation back with the claimed parent. For going through all this process you should take the help of the experienced lawyer who can handle this kind of cases. Through the lawyer you can approach the court in getting help for this alienation problem. It is your right to secure your child relationship with you. Therefore, you should definitely approach the court on this issue if it is too sever.

Parental alienation is an important issue for the kid/s as well as the parents. The parents should take the help of a law professional to make it easy for them to get it done.