Working of Brake Boosters in a Vehicle

By | September 17, 2014

Have you ever heard about the brake booster in the braking system of a vehicle. If you didn’t hear and you’re curious to know what it is and how it works, then this article is for you. In this article let us discuss uses of a brake booster and how brake booster works.

Typically in older vehicle’s drum brakes are used commonly, which naturally provide their own power assistance when we press the brake pedal. Braking systems work at high fluid pressure without the assistance of the brake booster,Then it would result in hard, and difficult operate the brake pedal. The brake booster uses vacuum from the engine amplifies the force that is caused by the foot. These movement allows the apply more pressure on the master cylinder.

Working of brake boosters in a vehicle
When a brake pedal is depressed, the brake pedal linkage allows a transmitting shaft to move forward in response to the foot.

When this shaft moves forward, it will comes in contact with the brake booster. The brake booster is connected near the master cylinder. The brake booster has a diaphragm that separates its interior into two parts. The two parts of the diaphragm will in partial vacuum. When you depress the brake pedal, a valve which is present inside the booster will open, this valve allows the air into one side of the booster. This causes the pressure difference. The difference in pressure on one side helps to push the master cylinder piston inside the brake master cylinder forward with respect to the brake pedal, which in turn slows and stops your vehicle.

A brake booster is a vacuum canister, where engine vacuum is supplied to evacuate air from both sides of a diaphragm. Pressing the brake pedal force to the diaphragm, a vacuum check valve is closed and allows air to the back portion of brake booster. The mechanical force and the air pressure pushes against a vacuum, allows pedal travel with much less effort than hydraulic system. Releasing the brake pedal outside air valve is closed and reopens the vacuum valve to enter fresher air from the canister for the next brake application. This is how the brake booster works.

A brake booster increases the force that applied on the brake pedal which in turn increases brake master cylinder pressure by using engine vacuum and hydraulic pressure. Without a brake booster, even slowing of your vehicle may require higher amounts of effort and also great amount of fatigue.

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