Monthly Archives: February 2009

Israel Finds Natural Gas Treasure

Besides the ceasefire, Israel is into the news for another great reason. Reservoirs of natural gas were found in Israel by the subsidiaries of Derek group. The thickness and quality of this treasure of natural gas, which they found under deep water, is of greater value than the prior anticipation by the Operator at this… Read More »

Banks still not interested in making fresh loans

The US government has pumped around $187.5 billion into the national Banks including Bank of America, Citi group, JP Morgan. Whose money is it? It is from the taxpayers that Government has taken from in the form of taxes in order to help these big banks to survive even in recession and help people from… Read More »

Mixing Marijuana, Alcohol and Driving is Dangerous

Marijuana and alcohol individually are dangerous and each affects the person. It is more dangerous having both mixed. It doubles the risk of accidents. The effect of marijuana lasts up to 1-3 hours and that of alcohol lasts up to the same time. If a person consumes both at a time, he will be drowsier.… Read More »

Campaigning in Iraq the US style

The people of Iraq find the western culture very attractive. Being in the clutches of a tyranny and an old fashioned government, they find it great to be free and to do what ever they like without many restrictions. The description even implies to the politicians of Iraq who have been campaigning in Iraq the… Read More »