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How To Educate Employees Regarding Drug Testing

The substance abuse benefits and programs included by employer are workplace policies, drug testing, employee education/health promotion, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), and health plan treatment coverage. An overall employer substance abuse program should consist of: A workplace substance abuse education segment. Confidential or secret screening by an EAP or health professional. Treatment guidelines to an… Read More »

Printers in Office Improves the Productivity

Barcode printers are particularly used for organizations that move large inventories and it is compulsory for industries because of the fastest response or result compared with standard computer printers. These types of devices also take media rolls for continuous response. There may be different types of barcode printers that are available in different sizes and… Read More »

Invalid Pipelining of Messages

According to the SMTP protocol, several SMTP commands can be placed in one network packet and “pipelined”. For example, whenever an email with a CC: header is sent several SMTP “RCPT TO:” commands may be placed in a single packet instead of one packet per command. The SMTP protocol actually requires that errors are checked… Read More »

HELO/EHLO Checking Of Connections

According to the RFC 5321 section 4.1.4 “An SMTP server CAN verify that the domain name argument in the EHLO command actually is same as the IP address of the client and if it fails, the server SHOULDN’T refuse to accept messages on that basis”.Hence to be in compliance with the RFCs, rejecting connections must… Read More »