Printers in Office Improves the Productivity

By | December 21, 2009

Barcode printers are particularly used for organizations that move large inventories and it is compulsory for industries because of the fastest response or result compared with standard computer printers.

These types of devices also take media rolls for continuous response. There may be different types of barcode printers that are available in different sizes and pricing, they can only be operated by two printing methods, thermal transfer, and direct thermal.

It is important to keep working environment in mind when selecting a barcode printer. For small business, that only needs to print barcodes from time to time, good quality laser printer or just a small portable thermal printer is advisable.

Also it is important consider what your barcode is for, because if your business require security elements embedded into the barcode, then you might need a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) device instead.

Thermal barcode printers can reproduce high quality barcodes opposite to standard printers, which worst quality would be obtained by printing barcodes with a dot-matrix printer.

Nonetheless, even laser printers cannot print neat barcodes without the aid of special fonts or add-on components, but an average thermal printer produce a 203 DPI barcode that can be easily read by most barcode scanners.

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