Application Of Barcode Technology In Blood Banks

By | March 4, 2010

Barcode technology is a very important accessory for the operation of automated blood bank information system. The full support of barcode technology helps in increasing the blood bank working efficiency. For an instance, as all blood materials are systematically barcoded, the concerned practical procedures like laboratory testing and component creation can be done in same time.

Using barcode printers and readers, most of the materials that are used in blood bank are labeled and verified with their unique barcodes. Blood donation and transfusion information is scrutinized and verified in the complete procedure using barcode technology. Barcode technology is not only used for blood information but also provides benefits for different automatic testing and processing equipment in blood donation and transfusion service. The simultaneous operations of blood analyzing and processing can be sometimes dangerous to safety of blood donation and transfusion service. Using barcode technology in information synergy can rectify this. Barcode technology is practically proved very effective for such synergic (collective) workflow.

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