Tips To Improve Mileage Of Hybrid Car

By | March 8, 2010

Best mileage from a hybrid car can be achieved by following the same driving habits which are applied for better mileage in gasoline-engine car:

Few tips to improve mileage in hybrid cars are:

  • Drive slower: The aerodynamic drag created on the car will increase greatly, if the car is driven at faster speed. For instance, the drag force created on car at 70 mph (113 kph) is nearly double that at 50 mph (81 kph). So, mileage can be increased significantly, if speed is reduced.
  • Maintain a constant speed: When the speed is increased, some energy get wasted when the speed of car is reduced again. So, maintaining a constant speed, will help in making most effective use of fuel.
  • Abrupt stops should be avoided: When the car is stopped, the electric motor in the hybrid car functions like a generator and obtains some energy out of the car at the time of slowing. If more time is given to the electric motor to slow down, it can recollect more amount of energy. If the car is stopped quickly, the brakes of the car will do the work mostly on slowing the car down, and which results in wastage of energy. So, abrupt stops will waste too much of energy.