What are the Easy Ways to Learn English?

By | January 29, 2010

Speaking is one of the best ways to learn English quickly. Make your surroundings suitable to learn English. Try to speak in English with all people you come across. Don’t loss heart if you commit mistakes while talking in English. Just be confident. Because people can correct your mistakes when they hear you make them.

Learn English because you want to learn but not because you have to learn. Read books, newspapers, etc. to improve reading. Don’t stop at one word just go on reading to get the information. Then, try to understand from what you read. Make a list of new words and refer dictionaries and try to use them in practical life.

Read articles, comics, short stories, novels etc. See if you find a passive sentence. Don’t worry about the meaning of each single. Read the general meaning first. Try to understand the new words from other words around it and try to understand the context.

Don’t translate into English from your own language. Think in English to improve your fluency. Start writing a few sentences and gradually make it a habit to write continuously without giving up. For grammar/spelling you need not worry.

Then, work on good grammar or spelling and give it to someone who can correct your mistakes.

Watch English news channels, good English movies, listen to radio and try to know the pronunciation of the words.

Try to frame new sentences on your own and record your voice. Listen to your pronunciation. It will help you identify the mistakes and the problem areas.

Strong intensity and effort should be made to learn English. Everyone can learn English if learned with interest and dedication.