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What is Cross Addiction and Cross Tolerance?

Generally most of the ex-heroin addicts will evolve into social drinkers who will not have any problem with alcohol. Many ex-alcoholics replace marijuana for alcohol. Any reasonable treatment program which teaches that moving from a very harmful drug to a less harmful drug is a move in the correct direction and a good harm reduction… Read More »

Tips To Improve Mileage Of Hybrid Car

Best mileage from a hybrid car can be achieved by following the same driving habits which are applied for better mileage in gasoline-engine car: Few tips to improve mileage in hybrid cars are: Drive slower: The aerodynamic drag created on the car will increase greatly, if the car is driven at faster speed. For instance,… Read More »

Application Of Barcode Technology In Blood Banks

Barcode technology is a very important accessory for the operation of automated blood bank information system. The full support of barcode technology helps in increasing the blood bank working efficiency. For an instance, as all blood materials are systematically barcoded, the concerned practical procedures like laboratory testing and component creation can be done in same… Read More »

Types Of 2D Barcode Symbologies

Four types of barcode symbologies are PDF147, Datamatrix, maxicode and Quick Response (QR) code. PDF417 (Portable Data File): It is a high capacity two dimensional bar code developed by Symbol Technologies, Inc. A PDF417 symbol can occupy nearly 2000 characters of information, while a traditional linear bar code has difficulty in occupying more than 30… Read More »

What Are The Benefits Of RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Most of the companies are outsourcing their recruiting process to an external provider or outsourcing firms. This type of process is called as RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and it is an end-to-end function. The outsourcing firms will provide talented candidates for the required position in the organizations. Outsourcing firms will acts like intermediaries between candidates… Read More »