Most Common Sizes Of Self Storage Units And Items Stored

By | April 30, 2010

Storage units are used to store valuable and very rarely used items safely. They are very useful, when there is changing of office or house. Storage units are available in all shapes and sizes for different needs of tenants of storage rentals.

Some common sizes of rental storage units are:

  • 5×5: This is a 25 square foot unit and nearly 30 boxes can conveniently fit into this unit size or some items of small furniture, like a chair and some extra boxes or bags. This unit is best suitable for a tenant who desires to eliminate some mess from home or organize items such as holiday decorations, crafts or other small items.
  • 5X10: This is a 50 square foot unit and can fit nearly 50 to 60 boxes. Some furniture such as a couch and chair, dresser, mattress and extra small items can fit into this space. This space is suitable for someone desiring to keep bedroom furniture into a rental space.
  • 5X15: This storage rentals are best suitable for a business wishing to store files, as the unit can handle about 130 boxes, based on how wide one desires the passage to be. This unit can store a one-bedroom apartment (without appliances) and some other small items like boxes or totes.
  • 10X10: This storage unit is 100 square foot and can conveniently store 150 boxes. It could store a mattress and box springs set, dresser, couch, chair, appliances, TV, kitchen table, coffee table and also small boxes or small items. This is suitable for a tenant who should store his or her apartment for some period of time.
  • 10X15: This is a 150 square foot unit and can store nearly 150-280 boxes, based on how high and how closely they are placed together. This unit can store the furniture of a two-bedroom apartment or house and some extra small items.
  • 10X20: This is a spacious 200 square foot unit and can hold the items present in a two-bedroom house with furniture and few additional small items. A business can store nearly 200 to 350 files in this unit.