Few Organic Fertilizers

By | April 30, 2010

Organic garden fertilizers are used to improve soil fertility and not for long term complete source fertility program. Its very essential to enrich organic garden fertilizers using compost, manures and cover crops as your primary source of additional nutrients.

Organic garden fertilizers are non-synthetic type naturally available substances used to make soil more fertile. A few commercially available organic garden fertilizers are bonemeal, plant-based fertilizers, soybean meal, seaweed meal, rock phosphate, organic garden potash (plant source), gypsum.

  • Bonemeal: It is used to stimulate root growth and also used for base dressing before planting shrubs, fruit, and other perennials.
  • Plant-based fertilizers: These are comfrey, alfalfa, and soy to cultivate vegetables.
  • Soybean meal: It is a high-nitrogen source used on vegetable beds once in a year or as a base dressing in unfertile soil.
  • Seaweed meal: It helps in improving humus levels in soil. It is applied to annual beds, fruit trees, bushes and lawns.
  • Rock phosphate: It is used to rectify a phosphate deficiency. This is considered as a better non-animal substitute to bonemeal.
  • Organic garden potash: It is distributed over one season and is used to cultivate fruit and vegetables.
  • Gypsum: It supplies calcium without changing pH of soil. Generally gypsum and dolomitic limestone mixed in 80:20 ratio is used to lighten heavy clay soils.