Know About Different Components In Fleet Management Software

By | June 19, 2010

The term fleet management is used for management of all the aspects of the fleet or a single aspect about the fleet. Fleet management software consists of four main components. They are:

  • Vehicle tracking software component: Corporations with large fleets use this component for tracking each and every vehicle at any given time. Trucking companies do not loose their track or path by using this component. Stolen vehicles can be easily tracked using this component. Now-a–days it is used by all the companies to track their vehicles.
  • Vehicle maintenance software component: The tracking of the vehicles in the company’s fleet leads for scheduling and monitoring vehicle maintenance routines. Fuel management and even the mileage monitoring will be done using this component. Automatic email updates regarding the mileage and fuel will maintain the system efficiently. And which in turn reduces the cost of the productivity.
  • Dispatch software Component: The data dispatch is a software application which is in the computer and at the central office. It sees over the number of trips, pick ups and deliveries. It also tracks the records of the payment for the drivers. There are basically two types of dispatch software applications. They are: Fully automatic dispatch software and Computer aided dispatch software. In the first case, which is a wireless component, the trucks available at closest point will be sent to job. Next the information is given to the driver; he responds according to it whether to go or not go. If he does not go then the information is sent to the other nearest truck. Computer aided systems enables us to see visually the trips of the driver.
  • Fleet reporting software component: By the use of data of the vehicle tracking software component, reports are being prepared with data of one or more vehicles or the entire fleet. Some of the reports are mileage report, route report, summary report, boundary report etc. With a single click of a mouse we can get the information about start and stop time, unauthorized use of vehicle. We can cross check the actual planned time and the arrived time. The addition of this component to the fleet management software results to lower our costs and even we can get huge benefits using this.

These are the components of the fleet management software which makes the software more efficient.