How Mobile Marketing is Advantageous Over Online Marketing

By | September 1, 2010

Growth of the mobile marketing has been increasing on a daily basis. When compared with the traditional online method of marketing, the mobile marketing plays a major role.

  • The first and the main advantage of mobile marketing is that it is omnipresent. As the term mobile itself indicates not in one place (moving), this marketing can be done without concerning the location of the recipient. Mostly all the consumers i.e., about 90% will keep the mobile within arms reach all the time. If we take the case of online method, it is not always omnipresent because only some of the people will carry laptop or the PC which holds internet services.
  • Targeting errors of mobile marketing is less when compared with the online marketing. And the data management of the customers can be done effectively when compared to the online marketing. By using this technology, personalization can be improved. All the information can be transmitted through wireless media.
  • When compared with the other services, this technology is more relevant with time. The time of response will be less when compared to the email or postal mails. Thus the marketing conversations can be enhanced using the mobile marketing. Only in the cases if the customers uses message filters for filtering the personal and corporate conversations the benefits may be reduced.
  • Because of using location awareness services like bluetooth, the conversation can be done easily. So, one should keep in mind the fact that the mobile is a permission based technology before going for the options like bluetooth.
  • Mobile devices are never shared unlike the sharing the personal PC, so mobile marketing is mostly preferred because of direct contact with the customer can be done without regard to time and place.

Thus the above facts will make the mobile technology advantageous over online technology used.