Know About Marketing Software

By | October 5, 2010

All the organizations, apart from doing productions, they are also into the marketing field for widening their businesses. For the management of the marketing process efficiently, Marketing Software is used.

The computer programs and the applications which are used in the field of marketing are termed as the Marketing Software. This software is used for running the business operations effectively as well as improving the productivity of the business.

The work in the marketing departments include analysis of both the markets as well as the customers, planning time and money for effective improvement in both sales and services, compete with the other markets and calculating the results of the efforts.

There are different types of marketing software according to the type of the work done.

  • In Analyzing field: It mainly focuses on the reviews of the historical trends, marketing efforts, surveys etc. The types of software used are presentation software, business intelligence software, segmentation software, point of sale software, sales force automation software, customer relationship software etc.
  • In Planning filed: Plans regarding the works and the new product launches, objectives, promotions etc are did in this department. Communication, document, email and spreadsheet software are used. Even some of the financial and accounting software are also used.
  • In Production fields: This field use marketing as well as the communication logos, brochures, web pages, online seminars, down loadable files etc. Many types of software like graphic, photo, audio, text, event management software, website management software etc., can be used with this software.
  • In measuring fields: Measures the response rates of the consumers as well as the return on the marketing investment etc., and many types of software like web analysis software, e-commerce software, sales force automation software all can be used in this field.

Depending on the type of the department and the type of the field, the software may vary.