What are the Responsibilities of a Nanny

By | October 7, 2010

Generally, parents appoint nannies to take care of their children and help with child rearing duties at home. Parents can hire nanny through different options like from nanny agency, classifieds, etc. Generally, most of the parents want to hire nannies from an agency because various background and criminal checks are performed by agency. Job description can be decided before joining nanny. There are few general responsibilities of nanny, such as:

Child care: This main responsibility of a nanny. They are responsible for daily care of children. Generally, nannies wake up children, help them in taking bath and to dress up and get ready to go to schools. Everyday, they take care of children include maintaining the safety of the children, encouraging social interactions and encouraging learning activities. Parents appoint some nannies to teach their children social graces and manners. Especially, they provide mental stimulation for children. Facilitating play groups, and outings are provided by few nannies.

Other things: Sometimes, nannies need to transport the children from school to home or home to school and other places. They need to prepare the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for children. Some of the nannies agree to do the house keeping work as well. Small and routine things will come in this housekeeping work. Housekeeping work depends on family.

Few of the nannies do not the housekeeping work at home, they perform duties which are related to children. And there some special nannies, they are appointed for special work.

Responsibilities change from one family to other. So you should be clear about the responsibilities of a nanny before hiring her.