Importance of 3D Technology in Dental Imaging

By | January 31, 2011

Conventional scanning of teeth was done by normal X-rays which produce a 2D image. The image reflects the location of teeth and height of bone. Modern scanning methods include 3D technology. Dental imaging by 3D technology has many benefits.

Highly detailed pictures are provided by digital 3D imaging. It represents anatomy of a patient, which can be viewed from any direction. Precise identification and measurement is possible by provision of anatomical depth and relationship between individual features. Accurate diagnosis and treatment can be enhanced by application of 3D technology. However, 3D imaging is expensive when compared to other cheap CT scans.

Scanning image by this technology can produce dento-maxillo-facial record in the form of a database of digital image information. Magnification errors are also minimal. It is being used rapidly by implantologists, periodontists, orthodontists, and oral/maxillo-facial surgeons. It is known for standard care of patients.

Extraordinary accuracy and rapid scan time are the advantages of application of 3D technology in dental imaging. Three-dimensional image reconstruction capability is the most important and useful benefit of the technology.

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