What is a Private Investigator Software?

By | February 2, 2011

A person who is hired privately for doing investigative or detective work is said to be a private investigator. Private investigators use specific equipment during the process of investigation. Private investigator software is one among various types of equipment used.

Private investigator software is used for back office work by private investigators. Web resources and software applications are used by them along with pay services and specialized access to government and private databases. These are used for finding information about people, things, and places. Phone number searches, address searches, criminal record searches, property inquiries, court record inquiries, social security number searches, and others require these resources. A written and traceable record of any issues of a person’s life can be available from these sources.

Some computer search services which are not accessed by general public, can be accessed by private detectives. Online search programs and private investigation software help in enhancing the ability of a detective to manage and solve investigation cases. Background checks are performed by using special detective software programs. Some of the tools of software used by a private investigator are given here.

  • Computer Monitoring Software Programs
  • Online Search Software and Search Tools
  • Digital Photography and Image Processing Software
  • Case Management Software
  • Business Software
  • Genealogy Software

Private investigator software is provided by many public resources. Various search functions on web are used by a detective. Online access to the records of court systems and some government offices is also provided by some organizations free of cost. Some pay services are also available which require proper searching skills and experience to gather required information.

Business software is used to manage business operations. Genealogy software can be used for researching family history. Digital photography software including graphic design software, image processing software, and others are used to detect process and enhance photos involved in the case. Thus advanced technology of software applications are used by private investigators.