Types of Conservatories That Can be Used for Any Kind of Home

By | January 19, 2011

Conservatory is a structure that is made of metal and glass windows, as an extension of a home’s living space. Hardwood conservatories and bespoke conservatories may be a beautiful part of home extension. Abundance of sunlight can be filtered though the glass and so they may be used as a greenhouse. Though the appearance and style may differ, the main purpose of a conservatory remains same. Different types of conservatories are there that can be used for any kind of home. Some of them include Lean To, Edwardian and Edwardian Double Hipped, P-Shaped, Gable End, Victorian and Georgian types.

Lean To Conservatories:
These are built on house in a way that they lean against the south-facing side of a house. A maximum amount of sunlight is allowed to enter and protection is offered from cold Northern winds. One wall less is required by these conservatories. So it can be most affordable for building and maintenance.

Edwardian Conservatories:
These help in maximizing the available floor space. They are of rectangular or square shaped having high and sloping roofs. An optimal placement of patio furniture or plants can be allowed by these conservatories. As the design of these conservatories is simple, they are less expensive. The Double hipped Edwardian conservatories differ in style with normal Edwardian Conservatories, in one aspect, that the roof slopes downwards at the rear.

P-Shaped Conservatories:
The combined style of Edwardian and Victorian designs are present in P-shaped conservatory. It is used for connecting two rooms and so can be called as a link option. Only one room may be present in such conservatory. Also two rooms may be present by splitting one large room in to two adjoining rooms. An impression of extra space is given by the design of these conservatories.

Gable End Conservatories:
These conservatories are rectangular in shape and have a triangular front. These can be considered as a variant of Edwardian style. The roof windows are extended to apex of the roof.

Victorian Conservatories:
These are considered as the most elegant and luxurious conservatories. Construction of these types is difficult as they include curved glass walls. Multiple facets can be called for in these types for enhancing appearance.

Georgian Conservatories:
These conservatories are traditional and provide large floor space. The appearance of these conservatory is like that of a greenhouse which is placed to the side of a house.