Types of Fishing Lights

By | February 18, 2011

Fishing light is a submersible light which is used to attract fish. Generally fish are found to be more sensitive to green and blue lights. These fishing lights help in increasing the concentration of the fishes in an area, which makes it easy to catch fishes. Fishing lights vary depending upon their handling and technology.

The fishing lights are divided in to two types based on their method of using. They are portable and permanently mounted fishing lights. Portable fishing lights are very convenient and can be carried to any place of interest in the boat, along the water body. Generally, fishers use these portable fishing lights, when they intend to change the area of fishing. Whereas permanently mounted fishing lights are used on docks or piers in order to congregate the fish population at the edges of the docks. These are also found to help people working on the docks during nights. The duration of the light emitted from these mounted lights can be adjusted with timers. These are generally fixed to the poles on the docks. If needed, they can be submersed in water also.

Depending on the type of technology, the fishing lights are, incandescent, fluorescent and LED lights. These lights may work with the help of electricity or a battery. Generally 12V battery operated fishing light, gives light of high intensity, but is less durable, therefore, reducing the battery life. Whereas, a fluorescent lamp gives the same intensity of light, with three times more efficient in converting the electricity in to light. The fluorescent bulbs with 25-40 Watts are commonly used. LED lights are the newest technology, but are not used mostly, as these lights, though highly efficient in converting the electricity in to light, emits 10 to 100 times lesser intensity of light. Therefore, among all the available technologies fluorescent lamps, are found to be most effective in attracting fishes, as they are of high intensity. All the above lamps are also available in many colors, among which green fishing light is the most preferred one, due to the sensitivity of fishes to the color green.

Apart from above lights, a stadium spot light, which is erected to the pole on the dock are used. The intensity of these lights range from 250 to 1500 Watts. Due to their high intensity they are found to cover large area and attract huge number of fishes.