Air Purifiers For Dust Mites

By | February 25, 2011

House dust mites are the common causes of asthma, allergy or eczema symptoms. The feces of the mites that actually carry the allergen cause breathing problems. Dust mites live in bedding, carpets, stuffed furniture, old clothing and stuffed toys. Humid conditions favors the growth of the dust mites as their food include plant materials, molds, and fungi which grown rapidly in humid conditions. The dust mites will not survive if the humidity is below 50 percent.

So it is very important to control the dust mites and this can be done in number of ways like encasing the beds and pillows, dry cleaning, washing regularly, heating and air conditioning, keeping the indoor moisture low and by regular application of chemicals that kill dust mites to carpeting and upholstered furniture. Finally, removal of dust mites is done by an air purifier and it is the best way of avoiding the dust mites.

Air purifiers that are based on technology, that uses the ultraviolet light and friendly oxidizers, can significantly reduce the dust mite population and sterilize the dust mites so that they can’t reproduce, it also destroys the food they need to survive. For dealing with dust and dust mites one can also use an air purifier that uses a combination of ozone and ionization. HEPA filters may be another good way to reduce air borne allergens and these devices can be placed in the places where the people spend lot of time in the house.

Although number of types of purifiers available in the market, the consumer has to select the purifier that suits his requirements at the greatest level.