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Does an Air Purifier Remove the Mold

In places where, it is warm, damp, and dark, molds like Alternaria, Aspergillus Chaetomium, Cladosporium, Fusarium, Mucor, Penicillium and Stachybotrys grow frequently inside the home. The allergies are not caused due to these molds but they are caused because of microscopic mold spores floating through the air. Asthmatic people can also have allergic reactions with… Read More »

Air Purifiers For Dust Mites

House dust mites are the common causes of asthma, allergy or eczema symptoms. The feces of the mites that actually carry the allergen cause breathing problems. Dust mites live in bedding, carpets, stuffed furniture, old clothing and stuffed toys. Humid conditions favors the growth of the dust mites as their food include plant materials, molds,… Read More »