What is a Hardwood Conservatory?

By | March 25, 2011

A conservatory made of hardwood is called a hardwood conservatory. A wide variety of materials including oak, sapele, idigbo, mahogany, meranti, iroco and utile are used in hardwood conservatories. An attractive and appealing look can be given by these conservatories. Though traditional, they can be combined with double glazing systems and paint finishes to give modern elegance.

LED grow lightsTreatment for hardwood conservatories varies with the type of wood used. Oak and teak have natural resins and hence conservatories made of these types can be left untreated. Due to the presence of these resins, they are more durable and can last for centuries. Hardwood conservatories can be treated with micro-porous paints. Moisture is allowed to travel out of wood by adding these paints. The paints are also less prone to cracking.

Timber conservatories are environmentally friendly. Better insulation is provided by timber when compared to PVC or aluminum. Security can also be provided with wooden conservatories by efficient supplements. Traditional window and door furniture or high performance multi point locking systems can be fitted to the hardwood conservatories.