Know How Restaurants and Hotels are Profited by SMS Advertising

By | April 30, 2011

Every day the number of mobile users are increasing continuously all over the world. The new generation people are using mobile for many services. It greatly benefits the restaurants and hotels to build a deeper and stronger relationship with the people.

Restaurants and hotels can get many benefits by adapting the SMS advertising. Since, people carry their mobile phones most of the times with them, it becomes easy for the restaurant and hotel owners to get profited by SMS advertising.

With the help of SMS advertising software restaurants can send a request message to the people. If the customer wants to join, then they can reply for that message with the restaurant name and send it to a short code number. Once this process is completed the customer can receive instant alerts.

Gaining customer loyalty is very important for a successful restaurant and hotel. SMS advertising is very helpful for the restaurant and hotels to get more customer loyalty.

SMS adverting gives many benefits for restaurant, such as

1. To attract many customers
With the help of SMS advertising, restaurant can send their attractive offers to the potential customers. Restaurant can send different offers messages to the customers by using SMS service, like daily offers, discount offers on special days, weekend dinner offers, and can state that ‘show this message and get 15% discount on your bill’. For example, If on one day, a restaurant gets few customers, in such situations SMS advertising is more helpful to the restaurant. With the help of SMS advertising the owner can get more customers, by sending a discount offer message to the group of people, like “today visit our restaurant with your family and get couple passes to celebrate live show”.

Ad server2. It helps to build strong relationship with existing customers
SMS advertising helps the restaurant to make a good relationship with the existing customers, by offering weekend special offers to them, by wishing birthdays and wedding days along with the ads, such as “today celebrate your party in our restaurant and get a gift of worth $ 400 or get discount of 15% on the bill”. This kind of message creates a good customer relationship with your restaurant.

3. It is more cost effective
SMS advertising is more cost effective and easy to create and it is a two way communication. SMS advertising create Ad servingcustomers in short time.

4. Easy for the customer to book orders
If the restaurant is using SMS advertising, it will be easy for the customer to give order for such restaurants. Just by sending reply for the SMS ad, they can place orders. It saves the customers time and it also increases your sales.

In the above ways, SMS advertising is beneficial for a restaurant business.

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