Advantages of Oracle Database for an Organization

By | June 24, 2011

Oracle databases are the most commonly used database in many organizations to store and secure the data. These databases are used by many government enterprises, corporate and non profit organizations. Oracle databases have their applications in many fields and Oracle is mainly used in banking as it offers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive, pre integrated business applications.

Following are the advantages of using Oracle database:

  • Oracle comes with new versions with new features implemented, while the features of earlier versions still being maintained. This is the important aspect in the Oracle database which is called as backward compatibility.
  • Other advantage is that when a new version is released by the Oracle, their documentation contains a list of all the features new to that version and this helps the users to learn the new features.
  • Also Oracle company keeps upgrading and releasing new products into market. These new products releases serves better than the earlier versions and thus the performance is improved much in later versions.
  • Oracle database is characterized by performing extra ordinarily even in demanding environments.
  • Oracle along with its added features passed the ACID test, which is important in insuring the integrity of data.
  • 10g which is a latest version released by the Oracle has one new feature called recycle bin. Dropped tables go in to the recycle bin, and can be restored from the recycle bin.
  • One of the major advantage of using Oracle database is that in its recent version oracle has the concept of Flashback technology. Flash technology helps in recovery and it provides efficient recovery from human errors, faster database recovery and helps in simplifying the management and administration processes.
  • The results of Oracle database are also consistent and durable isolation, which means that the results of a transaction are invisible to other transactions until the transaction is complete.

The above are the various advantages of Oracle database for an organization.