Some Creative Forms of Glow Sticks

By | August 3, 2011

The basic model of glow stick is a translucent tube filled with some chemical and also a glass vial. They are mainly used for some tactical purposes in navy and military. But now a days due to the wide spread of technology and the change in the attitudes of the people, the manufactures are putting enough effort to take them even more closer to the people by making them in different models and designs. Let us check few varieties among them.

Many of these things are readily available in the market while some can be easily crafted from home. The things which we made with our own hands gives immense pleasure when compared to the things which we brought from outside.

General glow sticks: These are the usual things which we use for decoration and playing purposes. They are available in different sizes in the market. There are some regular sizes and some mini glow sticks which can be used for different decorations.

Glow accessories: Glow accessories are something which are interesting for kids and even youngsters. They create a special attention to the people wearing them. Kids show lot of interest and excitement to wear such kind of jewelery. Glow jewelery include glow necklaces, bracelets, rings, chains, ear rings, glow glasses and some glow badges.

Glow crafts: Glow crafts are the things which are crafted using glow sticks. They are of more fun if we make them at home. We can teach our kids how to prepare some homemade crafts using glow sticks, so that we can make them think creative. Some of the things which we can do at home using these glow sticks are the glow stick spiders, glow stick ghosts, and some glowing fire flies.

There is no rule which confines glow sticks to particular objects, you can make any thing out of it which makes it special and interesting.