Types of Contact Lenses Based on the Material Used

By | October 13, 2011

For many people suffering from the vision defects, contact lenses are an effective solution. They are very thin and are completely invisible which does not let the other people know about the disorder of eyes. Depending on the material used to construct these lenses they are basically divided in to two types. One is the soft lens and the other is the rigid gas permeable lens.

Soft Contact lenses: These lenses are made of soft polymer plastic combined with the percentage of water. This helps in increasing the moisture levels in the eyes even after wearing the lenses. Moreover, this water allows more flow of oxygen in to the eye which makes them more comfortable. These lenses are comfortable than any other lens as they are soft and decrease the chances of infections. Besides all these advantages, soft lenses do have some drawbacks. They can easily absorb the pollutants like the soaps and the other lotions from the hands and irritate the eyes more quickly. They are fragile than the hard lenses and can tear easily.

Gas permeable hard contact lenses: Gas permeable contact lenses are made up of silicon polymers which are more rigid when compared to the soft contact lenses. We have a older version of hard contact lenses which do not allow much oxygen flow. Unlike those hard lenses, gas permeable lenses allow oxygen to circulate more frequently to the cornea of the eye and hence make it more comfortable to wear.

When compared to the soft lens these lens are more durable, can hold good shape of the contacts and can offer clearer vision for few types of corrections. Moreover, these lenses are available with extended wear options which help us to wear them all the time for extended periods.

Based on our criteria of usage, any of the above lenses can be opted.