How to Check Your Vehicle Before Starting for a Journey

By | November 17, 2011

Traveling in a personal vehicle is a very good option to family travelers. It gives lot of fun. Personal vehicles can be a car or a jeep or a bike or any other vehicle. But before starting a travel, the driver is required to check the condition of the vehicle. Only if the vehicle is in good condition the travel will be smooth.

Checking your vehicle before starting the journey is very important as it prevents the travel disturbances. The procedure of checking the vehicle should be standard. You need to check out all the parts of vehicle. Some of the important parts of the vehicle to be checked are:

Engine and breaking: Engine is one of the important part in the vehicle. It only operates the vehicle mechanism. Check the engine condition of the vehicle and get it repaired before traveling. Also check the breaking of the vehicle. Check out the breaking cable condition, if it is not good replace it with new one.

Oil and filter: If you are traveling for longer distances, you need to change the oil. It is very important for longer distances. You have to change the filter also along with the oil. Regular changes of oil gives good mileage.

Tyres: Tyre condition is also very important for a vehicle while taking for a travel. Good conditioned tyres are devoid of punctures and damages. It gives more grip on the road. Keep an extra tyre also, as it may be required in cases of emergency.

Light: Lighting system of the vehicle is very important for evening and night journeys. The indicators are useful for taking the turns and the headlamps for driving on the road.

Checking the condition of the vehicle well in advance prevents any ind of vehicle failures during the journey.