Health and Safety Issues from Gas Heaters

By | November 17, 2011

Gas heaters should be installed by professionals and have to be looked after regularly. Unsafe heater causes house fires. Servicing regularly and using correctly is safe and economical. Any faults in the gas heater can cause serious problems. Health problems that seems to be worse may be caused by the carbon monoxide which is released from faulty installed gas heaters.

Servicing: Professional servicing including the inspection of the fuel or chimney, is recommended. You should get your heater checked.

  • Immediately if there is any sign of trouble
  • Every two years inspection

Do-it yourself cleaning: This Should be limited to only few activities.

  • Clean accessible filters necessary.
  • Vacuum out any dust registers as necessary.
  • Clean fans once a year if this is included in the manufacturer’s instructions, or contact the manufacturer if you do not have an instruction booklet.

How to use gas heater safety:Always follow the operating instructions on the appliance or in the manual.

  • Allow plenty of fresh air in, don’t seal up the doorways and windows.
  • Prevent young children and elders from the hot surfaces.
  • Be careful when drying clothes inside, keep all flammable materials at least one meter distance away.
  • Never use an unflued gas heater in a bathroom, bedroom or caravan. Toxic gases may lead to serious health problems.
  • Never use or store solvent and pressure pack can near a gas heater, even if the gas heater is turned off.
  • Never use an out door appliances inside.
  • never dispose cigarette puffs.

High level of carbon monoxide is very dangerous and may cause death. Whenever you suspect, open the doors, windows and turn off the appliances and go out side to breathe fresh air. Remember safety measures such as, if you service your heater regularly use it correctly for a long time and replace those heaters which cannot be repaired for safety reasons with new ones.