Alcohol Testing – Best Measure to Avoid Fatal Accidents

By | January 7, 2012

Drunk driving is the major cause of majority of fatal accidents today throughout the world. Driving under the influence of alcohol is risky as a drunken driver lacks concentration, physical balance, coordination skills, and ability to react fast, impairing his driving skills. Testing the drivers for alcohol is the effective measure to avoid such fatal accidents.

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 is considered as the legal limit for drunk driving. BAC levels greater than this limit is considered dangerous. Alcohol testing is mostly done by handy alcohol breathalyzers. The driver has to breath through the device for few minutes. The device detects the breath alcohol concentration and determines the blood alcohol concentration based on some calculations. Alcohol breathalyzers are simple in design and can be used easily. Law-enforcement officials use these devices to check alcohol abused drivers. However, they can also be used for personal purposes to check if you are safe to drive after drinking.

Alcohol tests which mostly include saliva tests are other means of finding drunk drivers. These tests contain a strip that is dipped into the saliva sample. So, they are simple and easy to use. Also, alcohol saliva test kits provide quick and accurate results. They can be used at home, office, outdoors and schools. No issues of privacy with saliva sample collection are evident with these kits. It is necessary to conduct random alcohol testing for drivers of heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, trains and flights to avoid fatal crashes. These alcohol test kits are efficient to be used for such purposes.